Detect private and business fraud, verifying the betrayals, incompetence of employees, integrity of the staff takes a lot of time, commitment and nerve. In the twenty-first century can you save, by selecting the lie detector. It is a modern device, to check the veracity of the statements 100%!

We offer you a lie detector available anywhere! We are able to arrange a polygraph wherever necessary. We provide services for individuals and for business 3d printer for home. Our polygraph is one of the few devices in Poland, always in good faith.

Polygraph record Psychophysiological processes of the human body. The analysis of these processes allows you to make the interpretation of the results and specify the relationship of the test persons with a given situation. Polygraph is considered infallible device.

With us you can also buy a polygraph at an attractive price amazon 3d printing. As one of the few in Poland we also sell. More information on this topic can be found on the following pages as well as our employees.

What is a polygraph?

This is a specialized device to examine the physiological reactions of the human body. By registering the emotional beats were relabeled and traces of memory, you can easily determine what the test person with a given event, a problematic situation. Being verified is breathing, blood pressure, heartbeat, electrical conductivity of the skin. Lie detector should be used only and exclusively by a specialized person. This allows you to get the correct results.

If you can fool the polygraph?

This is a question many people ask themselves. Theoretically speaking, the person able to regulate your heart rate and breathing can manipulated research. From experience we know that it is very difficult and virtually impossible for the layman, which is suspect, an employee or a partner in a relationship. Thanks to this we have virtually 100% certainty, that wariografem will get meaningful results. In addition best 3d printer manufacturers, it is a proven method in the course of the divorce cases, suspicions of fraud. Certain situations, violations do not give advice to prove a lie detector will get the results it is possible to present in the courtroom and in the middle of a conversation with the suspect.

Where can I find a polygraph?

We conduct research in virtually every village in Poland. Contact us!

Periodical polygraph testing services

Are most commonly used in the case of suspicion of treachery, deception, lies. Sometimes such studies are carried out at the divorce, often however we realize them even earlier, already then, when a partner/partner suspect the other of romance.

Poligraf quickly and effectively verify whether suspected of treason is telling the truth or not. This, in turn, allows you to take important decisions on the future of the relationship, the subsequent divorce, Division of property, check the housing for children.


It is important to use lie detector, aware of the arrangement of all the appropriate questions, tests of control having an impact on the final result of the test. It is important that the answers were not ambiguous for one of the parties.

Polygraph is used also in the tests performed for employers and their employees. Lie detector to detect incompetence employees, relationship with the criminal world, illegal possession of weapons, offences committed to the detriment of the company as well as the reliability of the data feed and many others.

Polygraph is also used during court cases, in criminal matters. Is widely regarded, therefore, we today study wariografem we offer not only selected clients, but anyone who needs such a service.

Study of lie detector

Study of detection of lies we provide for individuals and for companies. Is carried out by a person qualified to do so.

The test consists in specifying the suspect questions. The questions are divided into inert, checks and critical. First, have no connection with the person the test, the second test questions are on the test, but not about the case. The third type of questions, this is already the questions forming the merits test.

Lie detector records all of these answers and on the basis of the analysis allows you to reply to the interesting client questions. A person given to study are wariografu sensors. This way we get a graphic image of the changes occurring in the body.

Lie detector order with us both private customers and business. From conversations with our customers and with our experience we know that single session explains a lot. Lie detector life-changing subjects, the situation of the company, allows you to explain a variety of problematic issues. Therefore, the polygraph is often a popular option for people in conflict, not being able to explain certain situations.

We also purchase a polygraph at an attractive price. Thanks

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