Staying Safe: Tips For Mountaineers

Mountaineering is a sport, hobby or profession for many, but for those who live life for the sake of adventure and are never satisfied with small achievements, it is life. The sheer feat of achievement that is achieved through this is fantastic. Today even women have taken to this sport like never before. Some woman climbers have achieved new feats in the field of mountaineering. They have proved that they are equally competent when it comes to scaling difficult terrains and can achieve success with equal aplomb.


Mountaineering can be divided into rock climbing, snow or ice climbing, and climbing terrains which have a mixture of both the factors, i.e., rock climbing and ice climbing. Mountaineering is undoubtedly not for the light-hearted, as some people even train on how to climb mount Kilimanjaro and only those who can grit and bear the problematic conditions can think of sport as a hobby.


Scaling the seven summits is one of the most common goals of most climbers. This was first conquered by Richard Bass in 1986, and since then some climbers have managed to achieve this feat. Out of the seven summits, Mount Kilimanjaro is the most fascinating of all. It is believed to be the world’s highest free-standing mountain. What adds to the fascination is its easy scalability. It is scalable to even regular tourist albeit with little physical stamina.


If you are one of those who are interested in mountaineering, you can start by learning the basics. Some climbers act as guides and can help you.


Mountaineering appeals to several people for several reasons. There are some who are attracted by the challenge that the unknown terrains offer and the adrenaline rush; some are attracted by the physical activity involved, some love being one with nature.


The physical hardship and pain that people have to undergo vanish the moment when you conquer a summit. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. You need to make sure that you are fit to climb. This ensures that you avoid injuries and accidents. A lot of training, during the pre-climbing, is essential. It requires not only skill and training but also specific clothing and accessories.


Following are some easy tips to avert any kind of possible mountain climbing hurdles;


Explore Your Limitations: It is essential to explore your limitation even before you even have to start climbing. Try to know your confines and inspirations. You need to develop a balance of an awareness of your physical consciousness, mental and technical restrictions.


Listen To Your Heart: It is most important to listen to your heart. Realize what your gut feeling says and how it can help you.


Always Choose a Group: Mountaineering should not be done as an individual activity. You need to be in a group of like-minded people to explore your limits and enjoy this activity.


Know The Weather: Essentially, keep an update of the weather forecast for your climb. Check the regular updates and get signals to enjoy a stress-free climb. A sunny day can prove helpful in your adventure trip and give you more time to explore your limits.